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41st ASSBI Brain Impairment Conference 2018 ADELAIDE
Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment
Datablitz Presentation Instructions If you are invited to present in the Datablitz session you should carefully prepare your slides for the oral and poster components following the instructions below: 1. Presenters will be given 5 minutes during the data blitz oral session to introduce the data that they will later present during the poster session. The purpose of the data blitz session is for poster presenters to entice delegates attending the conference to visit their posters, inspire for further discussion, NOT to present complete results.  Please keep to the strict 5 minute time limit so that everyone will have time to present and some minutes are left for questions from the audience (usually at the end of all datablitz presentations for that session). 2. For the data blitz, presenters should prepare 4 PowerPoint slides. The first slide should contain the title, the names of all authors on their poster, the institution(s) where the research was performed and any acknowledgements/funding sources.  The second slide should contain an overview of the background to the study and the key question/s being addressed. The third slide should contain brief information about the experimental design used to address the question (you can use a diagram, timeline and/or bullet points). The fourth slide should contain ONE figure OR photo (only one photo or figure will be permitted) to convey a main finding. Presenters should not attempt to communicate all of their findings during the datablitz.  Instead, the goal of the presentation should be to advertise their work and tempt delegates to visit their poster presentation, where they can discuss the results further. This requires people to be selective about what aspects of the study (i.e., part of the introduction, methods and results) to include during the oral presentation component. Some people may elect to introduce their study and methods only, and encourage people to visit their poster to discover and discuss the results with the presenter. 3. The poster should be prepared as portrait (100cm wide x 150cm long).  NO WIDER 4. A reasonable speaking rate is approximately 100 words per minute so if you are scripting your presentation you should aim for around 500 words 5. Your PowerPoint presentation should be loaded onto the conference computer in the break prior to the datablitz session you are presenting in (at least, you may load earlier). Poster Instructions Posters should be in Portrait style no wider than 100cm. Click here for 10 Ten Simple Rules for a Good Poster Presentation.
41st Annual Brain Impairment Conference of ASSBI
Connecting and Collaborating in Rehabilitation
3 – 5 May 2018 Hilton Adelaide, South Australia