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Journal team & Editorial board

Journal team

Prof Jennifer Fleming

The University of Queensland, Australia

A/Prof Grahame Simpson

Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research, Australia

Prof Leanne Togher

The University of Sydney, Australia

Chair of Editorial Board

Dr Nicholas Behn

University of London, UK

Associate Editor

Dr Melissa Brunner

The University of Sydney, Australia

Associate Editor

Dr Cynthia Honan

University of Tasmania, Australia

Associate Editor

Prof Suzanne Kuys

Australian Catholic University, Australia
Associate Editor

A/Prof Julia Schmidt

University of British Columbia, Canada
Associate Editor

A/Prof Alice Theadom

Auckland University of
Technology, NZ
Associate Editor

Dr Louisa Selvadurai

Monash University

Social Media Editor

Editorial board

Prof Vicki Anderson

Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Australia

A/Prof Ian Baguley 

University of Sydney and Macquarie University, Australia

Dr Lizzie Beadle 

University of Queensland

A/Prof Michelle Bellon

Flinders University, Australia

Dr Elise Bogart

University of Sydney

Prof Leeanne Carey

La Trobe University, Australia

A/Prof Cathy Catroppa

Murdoch Children's Research Insititute, Royal Children's Hospital (Hon) and University of Melbourne (Hon), Australia

Dr Kate D'Cruz

Summer Foundation

Prof Charles Degeneffe

San Diego State University, USA

Dr Emmah Doig

University of Queensland

Dr Jessica Fish

University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Dr Hannah Gullo

University of Queensland

A/Prof Leanne Hassett

University of Sydney

Dr Tenelle Hodson

Griffith University

A/Prof Michelle Kelly

University of Newcastle

Prof Roy Kessels

Donders Institute for Brain, Cognition and Behaviour
The Netherlands

Dr Eirini Kontou

University of Nottingham, UK

Prof Natasha Lannin

Monash University, Australia

Prof Skye McDonald

University of NSW, Australia

Dr Niru Mahendran

University of Queensland

Prof Akira Midorikawa

Chuo University, Japan

Dr Emily Nalder

University of Toronto, Canada

Prof Tamara Ownsworth

Griffith University, Australia

Dr Michael Perdices

Royal North Shore Hospital, Australia (retired)

Prof Olivier Piguet

The University of Sydney, Australia

Prof Jennie Ponsford

Monash University, Australia

Prof David Shum

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Dr Cheryl Soo

Murdoch Children's Research Institute, Australia

A/Prof Rene Stolwyk

Monash University

Prof Karen Sullivan

Queensland University of Technology

Dr Matthew Thomas

Charles Sturt University, Australia

Dr Travis Wearne

Western Sydney University

A/Prof Gavin Williams

University of Melbourne, Australia

Prof Huw Williams

University of Exeter, UK

A/Prof Dana Wong

La Trobe University, Australia

A/Prof Barbra Zupan


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