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Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment

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ASSBI Student Ambassadors

ASSBI would like to extend an invitation to all students to become Ambassadors for 2021 CLICK HERE to apply

We'd like to thank all those Ambassadors from 2020 and hope those of you who have finished your tenure as an ambassador will stay with us as student members. Click here to RENEW as a student member, to see all the benefits of being a member Click here. Membership is still only $80 ($144 for 2 years). ASSBI has student representatives in most States of Australia as well as in New Zealand. We have both undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of universities and disciplines, Speech Pathology, Clinical Psychology, Neuropsychology, OT, Physiotherapy to name a few.

Student roles with ASSBI include a National Student Co-ordinator, Regional Team Leaders and Student Ambassadors.

The National Student Co-ordinator is responsible for supporting ASSBI's student team leaders and ambassadors across Australia and NZ. The student Co-ordinator is supported by the student liaison officer and liases with the executive committee regarding student events and provides updates to students about opportunities for students.

Team Leaders & student ambassadors are responsible for coordinating and organising events to promote ASSBI in their region throughout the year.

All student representatives receive free ASSBI membership for one year, while Team Leaders and the National Student Co-ordinator also receive a complementary ASSBI conference registration during their tenure.


Student Liaison Officer


National Student Co-ordinator 2018-2021

Contact: student@exemail.com.au
Dr. Jonathan Reyes is a graduate of the Doctor of Psychology in Clinical Neuropsychology at Monash University. His research project explored different methods of improving the detection of sports-related concussion in professional and community Australian football players, with the supervision of Associate Professor Catherine Willmott, Professor Biswadev Mitra and Dr. Andrew McIntosh. Jonathan is currently collaborating in research exploring the effect of headgear use among youth football players, as well as research exploring serum biomarkers in adults with mild traumatic brain injury. Jonathan has previously worked as a research assistant on the Take CARe child concussion project at the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI); and on the Concussion Injury Surveillance Study at the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health within Monash University. He completed the Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Psychology at the University of Melbourne and the Bachelor of Science at Swinburne University with a major in Psychology and a co-major in Psychophysiology.



Team Leader 2020-21

Clinical Psychology, University of Adelaide

Philip is currently undertaking his third year of the Honours degree of Bachelor of Psychology (Advanced) at the University of Adelaide. He has an interest in the research of development mechanisms of anxiety and depressive disorders, as well as their clinical treatment. Having personally witnessed the impact brain impairment can have, he was inspired to spread word of the importance of researching brain impairment by being a student ambassador for the ASSBI. Going forward, Philip aspires to complete Honours and Postgraduate studies in order to become a practicing clinical psychologist and researcher.


Student Ambassador 2021
Psychology, Flinders University

Donella graduated with a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) from Flinders University in 2020. Currently she works as a research assistant investigating the psychological impacts of peanut allergy in children and their families, under the supervision of Chief Investigator Dr Billy Tao and Associate Professor Sarah Cohen-Woods. Donella has specific interest in how the brain influences behaviours and cognition, and she aims to pursue a Masters of Neuropsychology.


Student Ambassador 2021
Leadership, Deakin University; Applied Project Management, Adelaide University; Disability Sudies, Flinders University

Graham is currently completing his Master of Leadership at Deakin University, as well as Graduate Certificate in Applied Project Management at Adelaide University, and Graduate Certificate in Disability Studies at Flinders University. He is working as a Personal Development Mentor/ Therapy Assistant at Just Therapy, assisting clients to implement their therapy plan, and assisting them to access, navigate and participate in Education, Art Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Psychology, and Social Work etc. related to their NDIS plans.  He has previously worked in various roles in the brain injury field for over 25 years and has dedicated himself to learning as much as possible about brain injury rehabilitation, since he himself is a brain injury survivor. He particularly has a passion to learn about Metacognitive strategies and errorless learning training in order to assist people living with brain injury to return to study and help them achieve their goals.


Student Ambassador 2021

Occupational Therapy

Nadia is currently studying her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) and is in her third year. She has worked passionately with children in the education and care setting for around five years. Nadia has worked with many children from a variety of backgrounds which sparked her interest in the development of the brain and how this can be impacted when living in certain environments. Nadia has a keen interest in neuroscience and neurological conditions and hopes to work in neurological rehabilitation when she graduates. She is looking forward to continually learn as a student ambassador as well as contributing to the team where she can. 


Student Ambassador 2021
Occupational Therapy, University of South Australia

Niamh is in her final year of the Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (Honours) at the University of South Australia. Her current Research Honours project will explore the impact of a virtual reality intervention on neuroplasticity in the motor cortex. She aspires to work in a clinical role that will allow her to facilitate improvements in quality of life for people living with neurological impairment. Niamh also hopes to continue to work on research that will aid other clinicians in this space.




Team Leader 2021
Clinical Neuropsychology, University of Western Australia

Danielle is a Provisional Psychologist and is currently completing her combined masters/doctorate in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Western Australia. Her research explores alexithymia (difficulties in identifying and describing emotions) in people with acquired brain injury under the supervisory team of Assoc. Professors Michael Weinborn, Carmela Pestell, Rodrigo Becerra and Gilles Gignac. Danielle has worked extensively with people with brain injury in her role as a community support worker and is an advocate for community integration and functional independence after brain injury. Inspired by the role neuropsychology plays in brain injury rehabilitation, Danielle hopes to increase functioning, decrease disability, and re-establish quality of life in people living with brain impairment in the future. 


Student Ambassador 2020-21
Psychology, Murdoch University

Kelsey is currently a PhD candidate a Murdoch University, whose research focusses on lifestyle interventions toward delaying and preventing the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, and improving cognition and brain health in older adults more generally. Kelsey’s wider research interests include how behavioural interventions can shape cognitive functioning, both before and after brain injury. In the future, Kelsey hopes to pursue a career in academia and continue working in this area.


Student Ambassador 2021
Occupational Therapy, Curtin University

Tegan is a fourth year Occupational Therapy Student at Curtin University. Through her studies she has acquired an interest and passion for rehabilitation post traumatic brain injuries. She is looking forward to broadening her knowledge of neurorehabilitation, particularly how-to best support neuroplasticity for optimal recovery within the field of occupational therapy.


Student Ambassador 2021


Student Ambassador 2021
Speech Pathology, Curtin University

Shahida is currently completing her fourth year in the Bachelor of Science (Speech Pathology) at Curtin University. Her passion includes the areas of stroke, neurodegenerative disorders, acquired brain injury and how neuroplasticity works in the rehabilitative process for speech and language abilities. She aims to create awareness for speech pathology services that help integrate patients back into their communities and help diminish social stigmas against their functional impairments through public education and awareness. She is currently undergoing her final year of practical work with Parkinson's disease clients, transgender voice, aphasia and other stroke related speech and language clients. Shahida looks forward to working with the disability in Nepal post-COVID and learning more about neurological impairments


 Team Melbourne 


Team Leader 2020-22
Clinical Neuropsychology, University of Melbourne

Taylor is in her third year of the combined Master of Psychology (Clinical Neuropsychology)/PhD Programme at The University of Melbourne. Her research is based at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute, where she works under the supervision of Professor Vicki Anderson, Doctor Sarah Knight and Kate D'Cruz. She is passionate about investigating the implementation of family-centered care in paediatric acquired brain injury neurorehabilitation. 


Student Ambassador 2021
Clinical Neuropsychology, La Trobe University

Thomas Goodwin is a current Master of Clinical Neuropsychology candidate in his second year at La Trobe University. He is currently investigating the impact of neuropsychological assessment on clinically meaningful outcomes for patients and their families with Dr. Dana Wong. Thomas is also currently investigating the impact of renal replacement therapies on cognitive impairment and markers of neurological injury in patients with renal impairment with Prof. Peter Schofield through Hunter New England Health. Thomas is passionately curious about all aspects of clinical neuropsychology and neuroscience, but ultimately aims to positively influence clinical practice and healthcare pathways to promote patient welfare.


Student Ambassador 2020-21
Clinical Neuropsychology, La Trobe University

Nick is a graduate of the Master of Clinical Neuropsychology program at La Trobe University in Melbourne. He is currently completing a PhD investigating the effectiveness of a new group intervention that aims to improve adjustment and participation in meaningful life activities in survivors of acquired brain injuries under the supervision of Doctor Dana Wong.


Student Ambassador 2021

Speech Pathology, University of Melbourne

Morgan is a final year Master of Speech Pathology student at The University of Melbourne. She has a keen interest in paediatric feeding swallowing and adult acquired language and swallowing disorders. Morgan completed her Bachelor of Biomedical Sciences at Monash University. She then completed her clinical Honours year at Monash Children’s Hospital, investigating the impact of very premature delivery on an infants’ lung development. In the future, Morgan would love to work in an acute setting of a major Melbourne metropolitan hospital, working with and advocating for patients in the multi-disciplinary team.


Student Ambassador 2021

Clinical Neuropsychology, University of Melbourne

Amelia Hicks is in the final stages of her PhD examining traumatic brain injury (TBI) and aging with the Turner Institute for Brain and Mental Health at Monash University. Amelia also works as Research Fellow at the Monash-Epworth Rehabilitation Research Centre (MERRC). She completed her clinical training in neuropsychology at the University of Melbourne in 2014. Amelia is interested in cognitive and behavioural outcomes after TBI and their pharmacological and nonpharmacological management, as well the genetic and neuroimaging correlates of TBI. 


Student Ambassador 2021

Occupational Therapy, Monash University

Elise is currently in her third year of her Bachelor of Occupational Therapy, at Monash University. She has a growing passion for traumatic brain injury and stroke rehabilitation, and is keen to learn about task-specific training and the plethora of cognitive rehabilitation strategies that OTs use to help maximise clients’ participation in their everyday activities. This year she hopes to complete a placement on a neurorehabilitation ward to gain experience in working with people who have experienced a brain impairment.

 Team Newcastle


Team Leader 2021
Psychology, University of Newcastle

Tegan Stettaford is a current Doctor of Philosophy (Science - Psychology) candidate at The University of Newcastle, having completed her honours in 2020. Tegan’s doctoral research is in health psychology, seeking to build the capacity of community mental health services to provide preventive care to people with a mental health condition. She is supervised by Prof Jenny Bowman, Dr Caitlin Fehily, Dr Elizabeth Campbell and Dr Kate Bartlem. Tegan has experience in numerous psychological areas, having previously worked as a support worker for traumatised youth, volunteered as a group therapy assistant for children with ASD and completed a Summer research scholarship around the impact of alcohol on the brain. Alongside her studies, Tegan is also a research assistant and tutor at both a tertiary and school age level. Since attending conferences around the impact of brain impairment and also having seen it first hand, she is excited to further her knowledge in this field to inform her future clinical and academic career aspirations.


Student Ambassador 2020-21
Psychology, University of Newcastle

Kimberley Wallis is a current Doctor of Philosophy (Psychology - Science) candidate at The University of Newcastle. Kimberley’s doctoral research is investigating the validity of a new measure of social skills for use in individuals with an acquired brain injury, under the supervision of Dr Michelle Kelly and Dr Linda Campbell. Kimberley’s interest in neurorehabilitation started following her father’s strokes and her continued experience working as a support worker for people with brain injuries.


Student Ambassador 2021
Speech Pathology, University of Newcastle

Li Yan is currently in her fourth year of her Bachelor of Speech Pathology at the University of Newcastle. She is very interested in the learning more about the effects of brain impairment on the acquisition of language in individuals who come from multilingual backgrounds.



Team Leader 2021
Psychological Science, University of Tasmania

Meg is currently undertaking her Honours in Psychological Science at the University of Tasmania. Meg’s studies have involved units in neuropsychology and clinical neuroscience, including research into acquired brain injuries, the functional consequences of brain impairment, and clinical neuropsychological assessment and intervention. Meg has a particular interest in the intersection between road safety and psychology, such as using psychological approaches to enhance road safety, and examining psychological risk factors for road safety. She is looking forward to integrating these interests into her position within the ASSBI to promote community awareness and understanding of brain impairment, in terms of both risks and prevention, and the impact of brain impairment on the lives of individuals, families and the wider society, particularly in relation to road-related trauma. Meg also plans on undertaking further Postgraduate studies in psychology to pursue research and clinical practice.


Student Ambassador 2021

University of Tasmania


Student Ambassador 2021
Psychological Science, University of Tasmania

Marlee is currently completing her Bachelor of Psychological Science (hons). at the University of Tasmania. Her honours project will investigate the neural mechanisms underlying inhibitory control in relation to coordination and balance using functional infrared spectroscopy. Marlee’s interest is specifically in the biological and chemical underpinnings of brain impairment, and how cognitive-behavioural models can represent this. In the future Marlee hopes to apply her research and interest in neurobiology in settings in which she can better the lives of people with neurological disorders and various brain impairments.


Student Ambassador 2021

 Team Auckland

Emma Tomas

Team Leader 2020
Speech Pathology, Massey University (Albany Campus)

Emma is currently completing her fourth year of the Bachelor of Speech and Language Therapy (Honours) program at Massey University. Her honours research project will investigate aphasia awareness in New Zealand; in hopes of providing further education and support in the community. Emma has a strong interest in children and adults with neurogenic communication disorders. This interest has come from her previous experience working with complex clients who have been affected by neurological impairment, such as TBI or stroke. In 2019, Emma completed a six-week placement at Waitakere Hospital, working with patients in the acute, rehabilitative and community setting. This year she was hoping to complete a rural interprofessional placement where she would be working alongside other health professionals in a similar setting. Emma looks forward to being part of a wider team in helping raise awareness for people with brain impairment.

mikayla Scott

Student Ambassador 2020
Speech Pathology, Massey University

Mikayla Scott is a current Speech and Language Therapy Student at Massey University. She has a growing passion for stroke and traumatic brain injury (TBI) rehabilitation due to inspiration invoked by the field of neuroplasticity. She is also motivated to increase the efficacy of compensatory rehabilitation by raising awareness of strategies that assist people with aphasia and cognitive communication disorders to live successfully. This year she hopes to complete a placement in a hospital to gain experience working with people who have experienced a TBI or stroke.

Sahil pratap

Student Ambassador 2020
Science, University of Auckland

Sahil Pratap is currently completing a postgraduate diploma in science (in Psychology) at the University of Auckland. He is interested in Psychology through learning about different aspects of the subject in undergraduate studies and during his time, he is working with Geneva Healthcare. He is interested in brain impairment and all the challenges that come with it due to his experience working with clients who have brain impairment. He wishes to understand more about this topic and others as he wants to complete a masters in health psychology and become a health psychologist. 

tash thompson

Student Ambassador 2020
Speech Pathology, University of Auckland

Tash is completing her final year of the Master of Speech Language Therapy programme at the University of Auckland. Her interest in brain injury and rehabilitation was sparked during her undergraduate psychology degree, while completing papers in neuroscience and reading the works of the late Neurologist Oliver Sacks. Tash is passionate about working alongside people with acquired brain injury and their families, helping them negotiate the often profound changes associated with post-injury life. Research in neurological rehabilitation is also a keen interest of Tash’s, and she hopes to contribute more to this field in the future. Under the supervision of Dr Clare McCann, her current research investigates factors associated with verbal fluency in late adulthood, with the aim of creating normative data of verbal fluency scores for older New Zealand adults. She has previously undertaken a study looking at the role of singing in affective prosody recovery for people with aphasia. Tash’s passion for science education saw her briefly work as a Journalist for a psychology magazine before continuing with postgraduate study.


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Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment.

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