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posting on brainspan

Posting on BRAINSPaN

To post to BRAINSPaN members, email:

To reply to a message, post ‘reply all’ to send your message to all members.

Posting Rules:

  • Include your signature with all posts, with your name, designation and workplace.
  • Include a relevant subject topic for threads so that topics may be searched.
  • Do not change the subject topic within the thread (i.e. begin a new topic if needed).
  • Please trim posts when replying to remove previous emails.
  • Ensure you maintain client confidentiality at all times.
  • All posts must maintain a professional code of conduct.
  • If posting resources please acknowledge original source and/or authors.
  • When posting published material ensure you abide by copyright laws.

  • Please state any conflict of interest when recommending events, resources, and publications.
  • Posts about research recruitment, and advertising academic/clinical programs or services (e.g. advertising statistics or conference organisation services) are acceptable with permission from the moderators. Any emails requesting research participation or surveys, or any marketing/advertisements must be forwarded to the moderators for consideration prior to posting to the group.
  • The moderators can be contacted if you are in doubt about the suitability of your post, please contact or
  • Remember this is a public forum: do not send any personal information, or any information you would not wish forwarded to others.
  • Do not send private responses to the whole group. Consider whether your reply should be for the whole group rather than to the original post.
  • Ensure you abide by your workplace policy on email etiquette.
We welcome your participation and please enjoy this opportunity to engage in an online community of interdisciplinary collaboration, knowledge sharing and research translation.


Posting on BRAINSPaN

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