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Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment

ASSBI Students

We are delighted to announce that our ex-student co-ordinator Anne Huang gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, we send her our congratulations and best wishes. Please meet Clementine Ming De (明德) Hobday. She was born on 6th December at 3.15am weighing 3.15kg and 53cm in length. "Some of us are more sleep deprived than others at the moment but we are all doing well!" - Anne

ASSBI has always given and continues to give young aspiring students a collegial environment to meet their peers and more experienced clinicians and researchers at workshops and the annual conference. The student membership price is a low $80 per annum and includes all the benefits that a full membership offers as well as other opportunities. 

ASSBI offers opportunities to student members as well as student non-members. Some initiatives include:

  • A Student Ambassador Programme 
  • Conference travel grants based on submitted conference abstracts which should be applied for 
  • Prizes awarded at the conference based on submitted abstracts and presentations
  • A free networking event at the conference, available to all registered students
  • A free workshop specifically for students at the conference, available to all registered students
  • Big savings on all ASSBI events to student members
  • Ambassadors also put together free events in their City to network with other ASSBI members and encourage non-ASSBI members to join
  • To get in touch with our student co-ordinator email student@exemail.com.au

Anne Huang, Co-ordinator with student volunteers Harriet Clayton (VIC), Tia Hardie, Zoe Lee, Demi Martin and Nayantara Nambiar (SA) at #assbi2018


I joined to link in with other students and professionals working in the field of brain injury and to be informed of conferences, events, and new research. I stay because it's linked me in with a great little network of colleagues as well as for the reasons that I joined in the first place! Have met some amazing people since joining and as a PhD student that works off-campus it creates a support network that is extremely valuable for me. 
Melissa Brunner, QLD

ASSBI has provided fantastic networking and development opportunities throughout my time as a student representative and member. As an ASSBI student member, I have been able to attend conferences, professional development workshops and student networking events; all of which have allowed me to connect with peers & colleagues from around Australia. 
Anna Carmichael, VIC


e: admin@assbi.com.au
t: 0425 220622

PO Box 64, 
NSW 2031

About the Society

Working together to improve the lives of people with brain impairment.

ASSBI is a multidisciplinary society dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with brain impairment and their families. 

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