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The journal has new Publishers. ASSBI has signed with CSIRO and Brain Impairment is transitioning.

Invitation to contribute to a special issue of Brain Impairment on Collaboration, co-production, & co-design: Moving ahead in Brain impairment

Brain Impairment is planning to host a special issue of the journal on the topic of collaboration, co-production, and co-design with people who have a brain impairment. The editorial team will consist of Dr Melissa (Liss) Brunner and A/Prof Michelle Bellon and the aim is to publish all articles in this special issue by mid-2025. 

The goal will be to capture and represent ‘the state of the art’ in terms of collaboration, co-production, and co-design approaches in brain impairment research studies. We hope that the articles showcase the successes and challenges of these approaches in research design and implementation. We anticipate that this is an opportunity to highlight the importance of authenticity in research outcomes that can be produced using these approaches, particularly with inclusion of people with brain impairment from the inception of research ideas and throughout the design and implementation stages of studies. We hope to be able to include a range of publications representative of involvement of people across different brain impairment aetiologies, for example, brain injury, stroke, dementia. We plan to publish a discussion paper reflecting on the advancements reflected in the suite of studies and consider future directions for research.

We would be delighted if you would consider contributing to the special issue. The proposed time frames are:

  • Expressions of interest (working title and outline of proposed article +/- an abstract outline) in contributing a manuscript to be received by July 31st 2024 (via email to
  • Confirmation of acceptance (from Liss and Michelle) to submit for peer review consideration in the special issue by August 9th 2024
  • Submission of manuscript via the CSIRO Brain Impairment submission portal by December 1st 2024
  • Review process, editorial decisions, revisions as required
  • Publication anticipated from mid-2025

The editorial team will adopt the standard procedures for securing peer reviews as standard for Brain Impairment (see:

Editorial Board Meeting 2024

The annual meeting of the Editorial Board was held in conjunction with ASSBI. The editors wish to thank the Editorial Board members for their ongoing support and commitments to the success of the journal. 

Douglas and Tate prize 2024

The 2024 Douglas Tate Prize for the best research paper published in 2023 was won by Tanya Grubic Kezele who was lead author in the article:

Upper-lower limb and breathing exercise program for improving sleep quality and psychological status in multiple sclerosis: a pilot randomized controlled trial

Unfortunately Tanya was not present at the 2024 Conference in Sydney so we were unable to present the award in person.

The Douglas and Tate Prize, named after the two founding Editors of Brain Impairment (Professors Jacinta Douglas and Robyn Tate), is presented to the best research article of the year annually at the ASSBI Conference Awards Ceremony.

The journal addresses topics related to the aetiology, epidemiology, treatment and outcomes of brain impairment with a particular focus on the implications for functional status, participation, rehabilitation and quality of life. Disciplines reflect a broad multidisciplinary scope and include neuroscience, neurology, neuropsychology, psychiatry, clinical psychology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech pathology, social work, and nursing. Submissions are welcome across the full range of conditions that affect brain function (stroke, tumour, progressive neurological illnesses, dementia, traumatic brain injury, etc.) throughout the lifespan.

Brain Impairment: Newly Published Articles available on Cambridge Core


Working memory for emotions in adolescents and young adults with traumatic brain injury
Lindsey Byom, Meaghan S. Whaln, Lyn Turkstra

You Only Get one Brain: Adult Reflections on the Long-Term Impacts of Traumatic Brain Injury in Adolescence

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